Warsaw Photo Days Festival 2018 is organized by the Warsaw District of
the Association of Polish Art Photographers ZPAF.
The theme of this year’s edition is MANIPULATION
Exhibitions will be presented in Warsaw galleries between December 7-28, 2018.
Deadline for submitting projects expires on November 28, 2018.

We are waiting for themed photographic projects and multimedia forms
with the use of photography and /or video. In Warsaw galleries presented will be twelve
individual exhibitions selected through an open competition addressed to
visual artists.
From among the projects selected for presentation, the jury will choose
the winner of the competition who will receive the GRAND PRIX prize and
PLN 5,000 cash (or the equivalent in €). The organizer will print the
works from authors’ files the resolution of which must enable printing.
The theme of the fifth edition of Warsaw Photo Days is MANIPULATION.

We are waiting for projects that visually analyze and problematize this
year’s theme.
Manipulation is a common and supra-local phenomenon that applies to
social and political life, advertising, the media as well as medium of
photography itself.
Under the competition, we expect projects attempting to look at the
social phenomenon of manipulation understood as a form of influencing
upon one person or a group of people in such a way that they fulfill the
goals set by manipulator, as well as photographic cycles /video projects
/installations that serve or potentially can be used as tools to
manipulate audience through seemingly real, but in fact a highly
processed or even distorted picture of reality.
There is no denying that as the contemporary media societies we have to
face the problem of attempts to influence our individual and social
awareness in numerous spheres of life.

The processes and phenomena occurring in this area are extremely
interesting for making visual analysis and exchanging views on
international ground.
These processes, due to their scale and the fact they increasingly
become more common, should arouse the interest of each of us, especially
the young generation of creators and recipients of a culture, shaped by
overactive media reality and aggressive world of advertising, politics
and mass culture surrounding us from every possible side.

Application MUST include:
* pdf file with a proposed set of photographs from a particular project
(72 dpi resolution)
– file size up to 5 Mb;
* description in pdf – max. 1800 characters, that obligatory include:
project description; information whether or not the project has already
been presented (if yes,
where) ; proposed formats and technical description; author’s biography;
website link for video work; contact details (e-mail, phone number,
skype, mailing address).

Applications that do not meet the above requirements will not be
admitted to participate in the competition.

Applications should be sent to the following address:

We accept only one entry per artist. Art groups may apply with one

Participation in the Open Program is free of charge.

Deadline for application: November 28, 2018 (until hrs.23:59)
Announcement of results: December 1, 2018 – on www.warsawphotodays.com
Duration of exhibitions: December 14, 2018 – January 11, 2019

Detailed conditions of participation are set in
THE RULES AND CONDITIONS which can be downloaded here: