Urszula Janoszuk


Urszula Janoszuk, Poland

“Vilnius Post Sovieticus: SELF-PRESENTATION”

This is an attempt to overcome the progressive selective amnesia covering the Soviet stage in the history of Vilnius. It is based on analogue photographs taken with the use of black & white film. Then, the photographs have undergone graphic processing based on the technique of photomontage which has a rich tradition in the Soviet Union. The material used in this process is a red texture extracted from a propaganda poster and a fist – a symbol of power and domination, a gesture of holding a hammer, but also of helpless gripping on the bars. The project is based on the tension among history, past and present, showing the interwoven boundaries of historic architecture, old sovietism and today’s life. Post-soviet Vilnius presents itself in front of us through action, symbolized by a clenched fist and a red emanating therebetween.

A third-year student of Artes Liberales at the University of Warsaw, where she is working on her Bachelor theseis on Polish collage and photomontage under the supervision of prof. Maria Poprzęcka. A practicing collage-maker, passionate about analog photography and the author of the blog www.u-literatki.pl, where she popularizes the knowledge of the collage. A lover of modern art, classical literature and architecture.