Kirk Ellingham


Kirk Ellingham (Great Britain)

“Georgian Stranger”

Although this work constitutes just a small part of my ideas and projects, it is nonetheless representative of my on going focus and strategy in dealing with the world and its problems using the photograph as my tool.
From the ‘Portrait to Narrative’ I try to express the places and people I know and meet through my eyes as a personnel witness a participant in life not just an observer.
With my work I am often dealing with the transient and often surreal aspects of the human condition and the concept of the ‘photographic Journey’ be that an emotional or physical one. So as time passes
I am continuously trying to fathom the hard facts of life: its loves, despair, anxieties and hopes through these small stories, both intimate and distant, both foreign and here upon my own doorstep.


After dropping out of Art school in 1988 I worked in many different jobs around the world from catering in Australia to fruit picking in Denmark. In 2003 I returned to my passion photography attending the Documentary photography course at Newport with teachers Ken Grant & Clive Landen also taking part in a mentorship at FAMU School Prague with Czech photographer ‘Viktor Kolar’ and exhibiting as a group at Merano Italy. After this I assisted and did some theatre work in London then went to teach, work and photography in Brazil.

In 2006 I did my MA with Paul Lowe at LCC graduating with a distinction for my work: Four Years in Bielany, about Chechen refugees in Warsaw. I received a distinction for this work and it was published in PRIVATE PHOTOJOURNALISM magazine in 2010 and exhibited as a group at Arles and at Tbilisi photo festival in 2011, it is now a blurb-funded book. Since then apart from day job I have been teaching in Oxford and producing photo workshops in Georgia.

I am continuing photography work and writing poetry (between a six day working week) in the UK and in Poland.
I continue to look for funding and grants to complete and expose work, something I feel passionate about, as it serves no purpose to me if my work just sits in a portfolio or is only viewed briefly online. I would like to see more of my work and collaborations published and I am always looking to involve academics and institutions in my ideas and structure. I enjoy collaborations with other artists and photographers, writers and curators.