Natalya Reznik / „Looking for my father”


I was always interested to meet my father. I do not remember what he looked like, I rather try to „find” him by means of photography, to create memories which I have never had. My mother was always dreaming of an ideal man. Her ideal men were European actors (Belmondo, Delon, Mastroianni), she often said to me „I always liked that kind of man”. She met my father in Sochi, it was a „resort” affair, which soon ended up with marriage. At some point my mother found out that he has another family. They divorced soon. In her albums there was almost no photo of him – she destroyed them all. However, I found a few images from a passport photo machine. One cannot really see his face – he always wears glasses. He looks as handsome as young Belmondo. One of those photos I kept for myself and carry it in my wallet.
What do I need this photo for? I just want to imagine that my father was as cute as Belmondo. Even if this photo never existed, I should have it created in Photoshop. I created a new album where my mother’s favorite actors’ faces replace my father.


Natalya Reznik was born in Perm (Russia). She took part in the exhibitions in Russia, Germany, USA, Serbia, France, Kazakhstan etc. Publications in Conscientious, Le Journal de la Photographie, Feature Shoot, Urbanautica, Fraction Magazine etc. Her photo book „Secrets” was shown in Braga during the Festival Encontros da Imagem and in Paris (Ping Pong Exhibition). „Looking for my father” is in the collection of PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art.

Exposition de livre photo PING PONG : 30 YOUNG
PHOTOBOOKS VS. CLASSICS, within the festival „Rencontres du 10e,” Paris, France (2015);
Looking for my father / „Fotodepartament” Gallery / Saint-Petersburg, Russia (2014);
Virtual acquaintances / „Na Solyanke” Gallery / Moscow (as a part of The Eighth International Photography Month in Moscow: Photo Biennial 2010).

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