Mary Hamill / „Object of Desire”


„Objects of Desire” attempts to explore and represent certain aspects of male sexuality that fall outside of traditional cultural representation in order to question the evolution of society and culture in relation to the sexual nature of man. To the woman, the mother, the sister and the wife, the lives and experiences of men, fathers, brothers, husbands and sons are to a degree intangible. To the female, the sexual life of the male continues to be in the words of Freud – „a dark continent”, full of mystery. It has been argued that language, through the use of metaphor, is built around our need to avoid a direct dialogue in relation to issues deemed to be socially unacceptable or destructive. And so language itself becomes the regulator of culturally acceptable expression.
The inherent shame that culture attaches to sexuality through „a banishment from language, either in part or completely” (Phil Mollon: 27), continues to act as a barrier to communication and consequently understanding. The result is that vast areas of our experience can only exist as metaphor; coded and primarily misunderstood. Items have been identified based upon research carried out of news reports and online forums.

As a visual artist my practice explores the use of language, through metaphor, as a means of avoidance of issues deemed to be socially unacceptable or culturally destructive. In particular, I am interested in challenging traditional depictions of sexuality as an area of human experience to be both worshiped and feared by choosing to explore instead the hysteria, the awkwardness and the banal. Awards: First Prize, The Belfast Photo Fringe International Open Submission Exhibition 2015; Nomination, The Honeycomb Creative Buzz Award 2014.

Objects of Desire / Belfast Photo Fringe International Open Submission Exhibition / Belfast, UK (2015);
Medicated Transition / The Millennium Court Art Centre Portadown / UK (2014);
Medicated Eye Witness / The Gallery / Newry City Library (2014);
Dublin Airport / In association with Newry Photographic
Society at The Bath House Newry / UK (2014).

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