Fergus Thomas / „Indian Relay”


His work explores the struggle of male Indians defining their identity within contemporary American society.
He reviews the current representation of Indians from behind the scenes of the folk sport of Indian relay racing.
Indian horse racing has long been amongst the great plains culture. They have been racing as long as they have had horses. Therefore relay racing, becomes an exceptionally unique sport as a original part of Indian identity but has thrived within modern day testosterone infused rodeo culture. Behind this is the heritage of the human-animal interrelationship, this is of the rider to his horse but also the deep connection of the Indian to their land. It is through this relationship that they form native pride and masculine identity, allowing the teams to reconnect with their heritage and traditional ways of life. Racing therefore becomes a powerful metaphoric act of survival and defiance in the face of acculturation.


Student at the University of South Wales, Newport.


Group show at the The project space, Newport (2015).

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