Borut Krajnc / „Politics”

Stara Galeria ZPAF

In 2012 in Slovenia the elections for the President of the Republic took place. Borut Pahor, former President of the Parliament and former Prime Minister, decided to win the presidential elections. He led his election campaign with the motto „Together – Encouraging Each Other”. He joined different producers and manufacturers in the factories and on the fields performing various occupational roles. The press was invited to cover the campaign. The photographs were taken on the occasion of given photo-opportunities.

The series of 12 photographs titled „The Politics” (2012-2014) create a metaphor of current political zeitgeist which has no limits of populism. It shows the fine line between publicity and propaganda which is particularly evident in politically motivated media images and campaigns. The series confronts us with many questions: What are the tasks and concerns of the politicians and the politics? What motivates the politicians? What are main role and essence, represented by the politicians? What role do the media covering the politician’s activity play? What do the voters believe in, by whom can they be persuaded? What is the relation between the form and contents represented by politics, what is more important? What does it mean to be a statesman nowadays? The candidate Borut Pahor won the election in 2012 and is a current president of Slovenia.

Documentary photographer, photo-reporter for Slovene magazines Tribuna, Demokracija, and since 1991 for the weekly magazine Mladina. Through his career since the beginning of the 1990s he has consistently covered the social and political transition, developments in the Slovene society, including wars in Slovenia and Croatia, introduction of new economic and social system in Slovenia, Slovene accession to the European Union and adoption of Euro.

He exhibited widely, authored photographs in books Route 66 and Restart. In 2009 he was awarded the 1st prize in People /Story category at the Slovenia Press Photo competition. His series of photographs „Emptiness” („Praznine”) was presented in the British Journal of Photography (January 2011).

His latest series of photographs „Politics” („Politika”) (2014), shows the presidential candidate and the future President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor performing activities during his election campaign. The series was published as an eternal calendar/photobook Politics.

Politics / Galerija Opservatorijum, Belgrade, Serbia (2015);
Emptiness / Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2008);
Road/Route 66 / Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2006).

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