Alice Soderlund / „Cyber ghetto”


My project is focused a lot from my point of view, which is the fact that I am born a boy but on everyday basis deals with gender issues, without knowing what is right or wrong, what is masculine or what is feminine. But I suppose I reach in a lot on challenging feminine attributes from my masculine point of view, and from my body and the perception of how the image of myself is intersubjectively shared around me. I’m working a lot with the theme of „cyber ghetto”. Which means, a masculine body in feminine situation, or feminine gestures within a masculine ghetto life. The type of style or attitude that is reaching in on the super-artificial, the culture of consumption, the artificial roles, the bimbo, the lollipops. But while reaching in on this, we will find out that even if we aim for something super artificial we will still only end up facing the hyper-real. That is, reality is everything, a natural world is not capable of creating something un-natural.

Currently doing a two-year Master Program at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden. The Artist’s 3-year Bachelor Program was done at the Academy of Fine Art in Umeå, Sweden.

B_L_I_N_K_K_K_K / Brussels, Belgium (2015);
Flesh / Umeå, Sweden (2015);
Passing / Spokojna Gallery, Warsaw, Poland (2014).

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