Marked Places

Main Programme

Today photographic analysis of the ambient space is much more deeply related to its role in man’s individual and collective life. Every wayfarer leaves a trace in the landscape, even explaining what has happened there. We do not recognise them. Luckily, photography has a way of drawing our attention to a seemingly nondescript space that the photographer has deemed worthy of notice. Our perception of a landscape changes after it has been photographed and transferred from reality to a gallery or an album. We are now compelled to take a closer look in an attempt to figure out why
the photographer chose this particular scene.

The Marked Places exhibition is a varied selection of landscape photograph. Beautiful, as the landscapes may be, they have been chosen not so much for their beauty as for their special role in history, geography, social life, culture or individual experience. Sometimes the authors show distant places that are inaccessible to most people, at other times they help us rediscover places that are right next to us, almost at our doorstep. Modern landscape photography often seeks out places that bear some special marks. Although the places may seem perfectly ordinary, they would not leave us totally indifferent. Some of the places saw important historical events, the memory of which provokes reflection on our collective experience. A reflection on our follies and unpredictability, our struggle for fundamental values, on the fate of individuals caught in the whirl of history, the very history they co-create but whose flow they cannot change. The twelve photographers, each in his or her individual way, tell us about their meetings with places that bear some special marks. These are very different places seen in very different ways.

Andrzej Zygmuntowicz